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ALOE's Eco Friendly Products

I have been making eco products for years and years. I became interested in making my own as I was never fond of the scents, or their ability to do the job in hand. My early products were simple and no frills. I used recycled plastic bottles and triggers and mixed ingredients, without a care in the world.

Things have changed a lot since then. All of Aloe's products are made in sterile conditions and ingredients are mixed in various ways, in sterile, glass containers. Long gone are the days of cheap, non recyclable plastics. We now only use amber glass jars, that can be recycled through us and used again and again.

I have been making products for my clients for many years and often leave them behind for people to use. The scented sachets go down a treat, especially around christmas, when people arrive home to relax, somewhere clean and tidy, smelling nice and festive.

The best thing about ALOE Cleaning Solutions products are you’ll benefit from aromatherapy session as you clean! Even some eco brands contain toxins that do not need to be in the ingredients list. This is why all our ingredients are listed, so you will receive no nasty surprises. Most of ALOE products are Vegan, with exemption of items containing beeswax (Wood Wax & Beeswax Candles) and none of our products are tested on animals, ever.

  • No Hidden Toxins or Nasty Chemicals

  • Never Tested on Animals

  • Essential Oils for Fragrance and Health Benefits

  • Made with love, in Dorset, UK

  • Vegan (with the exemption of beeswax products)

How we make our products

Our products are made weekly, in my kitchen at home. This is where the magic happens. It is important that I sterilize all utensils and containers as well as making sure the area is also clean and sanitized. This, as you can guess, takes at least an hour of deep cleaning and refilling buckets of Milton.

Once all areas are cleaned and sanitised its time to take the pre mixed white vinegar and citrus peel oils and make up my acidic base. This is easy, I only have to add a few ingredients to get the specific ph needed. The Alkaline base is just as simple but the neutral cleaner can be tricky to make. In the past I have created a huge mess, but after lots of refining, this is no longer the case.

Once I have completed my bases its time to mix the oils and water. As you probably already know, these two ingredients don't blend well. I've tried to blend in numerous ways but now the products are perfect and are now ready for the public.

The role ph has in cleaning

As with medical science, cleaning science relies heavily upon indicators of the problem. What is important to remember about cleaning is that at its most elementary level, it is an attempt to neutralise the impact of acidic or alkaline ions in a stain or soiling. So if you wish to clean a soil that is acidic, you should use an alkaline cleaning product, and vice-versa. Read our separate blog post here on the role ph has in cleaning.

Essential Oil Blends

ALOE Cleaning Solutions products have a variety of essential oils blends that have various uses. A few of our favorite blends, and their uses include;

  • Lemon & Eucalyptus - Help with sinuses. Fresh &

  • Citrus & Peppermint - Minty & Stimulating.

  • Citrus & Lemon Eucalyptus - Helps repel insects. Refreshing & Sweet.

  • Citrus & Tea Tree - Medicinal & Refreshing

  • Jasmine & Ylang Ylang -

  • Orange & Cedarwood -

  • Citrus & Pine -

and our Christmas specials;

  • Citrus & Cinnamon - Festive and uplifting

  • Frankincense & Nutmeg - Festive and uplifting

For more information on our essential oil blends take a look at our separate blog here.

Neutral Cleaner - Ph 7 - 8

Great for general dusting and cleaning, this Neutral cleaner has a ph of between 7 and 8, making it great for everyday use on a variety of surfaces throughout the home. Available in a variety of scents (including our festive selection). can also be used on windows and glass.

  • Helps remove light stains from surfaces. Great for dusting.

  • Neutral cleaners are non corrosive and suitable for most surfaces.

  • Safe enough to use on wood, marble, glass and most surfaces.

  • Test in an inconspicuous area first.

Acidic Cleaner - Ph 3 - 4

Great at removing limescale from glass, tiles and aluminium,

This Acidic spray will help get rid of those nasty limescale deposits left on tiles, glass and aluminium. With a pH 3 - ph 4 making it an acidic cleaner, great for removing non organic matter.

This cleaner can be used, undiluted as a mould killer, or used to rid limescale from shower heads and hoses.

Alkaline Cleaner - Ph 10 - 11

This cleaning spray is pH11 making it an alkaline that is brilliant at removing organic matter such as food particles and fats and grease. Works great in the bathroom and kitchen and comes in four amazing scents. To be used when Everyday isn't enough.

Our Smellies Range

ALOE Cleaning Solutions have a range of amazing scented items, from pot pouri sachets to wax melt and vegan friendly candles. We have a large variety of scents, which we customise for users of our cleaning services. You can find out more about our blends here.

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